Address www.fondacijarankozeravica.com,
donations that are made through this website, as well as all other questions about the team, regulated by laws of the Republic of Serbia. For all possible disputes in connection with a donation will be competent courts of the Republic of Serbia.

1.1. Registration and donations

Donations can be made only to registered users.

1.1.1 user registration

User registration is performed only once. Registration is done on projected form which is located on the website, by entering basic information about the user. After registration, the user will receive confirmation of successful registration to the e-mail specified in the registration form. Each user will receive your username and password which will be able to enter future access to the site for the purpose of donation.

1.1.2. Donating

The user agrees that the funds that pay for the name of the donations go to an unconditional property Foundation Early lightning rod, and Foundation Early lightning rod is required to transfer the funds received by the Organizers raising funds in accordance with the terms of use for the organizers of the fundraising. A user who has donated funds agrees that the Foundation Early lightning rod, in the event that it is established that fundraising Organizer is unable to realize the project, worth donated funds fundraising Organizer, but donated funds, on the basis of the decisions of the Committee on contributions that will make decisions about it, arrange for one or more of ongoing projects on the website www.fondacijarankozeravica.com will notify the public via this website. Donation process consists of the following stages: Enter donation amount

In the field indicated on the website, it is necessary that the user enter the donation amount that you want to donate. Donations and all transactions performed on our website is done in dinars (RSD). If the user's payment card is not linked to the dinar account, the amount of the transaction in dollars will be converted into the currency of the account korsnikovog to rate the Bank that the account is opened, or the issuer of the card. Due to these conversions, there are some deviations from the original transaction amount. The minimum donation amount is 1000.00 dinars. A review of purchase orders, purchase order confirmation and payment

By confirming the appropriate button the user selects enter amount, after which it will be redirected to the purchase order. The order form contains an overview of the basic details about the donation: amount and information about buyers. Before confirming a purchase order, you can cancel the process or make changes in connection with the donation. Confirmation of donations, the user is automatically preusmarava to the website of Banca Intesa Beograd for which it is necessary to perform the electronic payments. On the website of Banca Intesa Beograd is required the user to input data with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro) and make payment. After that, if the transaction is successful, the user will be returned to our site where you will be shown and notified that the payment has been successfully completed. Shortly after that, the user will receive confirmation of the Toolkit and on the e-mail specified by you. In case the payment failed, the user will be returned to our website with information about the unsuccessful payment. The payment card data that a user enters when donating are visible just Bank Intesa Beograd which carries out payment for Fund B92. B92 Fund at any stage of the process does not have access to the user's payment card.

1.2. Protection of confidential information about a transaction

When you enter the payment card information, confidential information is transmitted via public networks in a protected (kriptovanoj) form by using the SSL protocol and PKI systems, as currently naksavremenije cryptographic technology. Data security when purchasing guarantees payment card processor, Banca Intesa ad Beograd, and complete billing process occurs at the site of the Bank. Not a single moment of payment card data are not available to our system.

1.3. Complaints

In the event of any problems about donating, users may make complaint to the email address: info@fondacijarankožeravica.com

1.4. Return of donations

Return of donations is possible if the donation was made zlopupotrebom credit cards by third parties or in the event that the payment of the erroneous donations donation amount, and only in accordance with the procedure prescribed by this Terms of use. Must submit a written reasoned request of scanned and return amounts for the clash, in the free form and signed by the owners of payment cards, and that within 120 days of the donations were made, on the electronic address info@fondacijarankozeravica.com or by post at the following address: Ranko Žeravica Foundation, Popov Arcadia 56, Novo Miloševo (Serbia). Along with the application it is necessary to submit and an e-mail with confirmation of the transaction, the scanned ID card holder and contact phone. The user will be contacted by the Foundation Ranko Žeravica within 30 working days of receipt of the complete request. The funds are returned to the Foundation will be able to pay only the user account that is tied to a credit card which the donation was made. The Foundation is under no obligation to purchase only via VISA, EC/MC and Maestro payment method, which means that the Bank will at the request of the Foundation do the refund to the customer card. Requests for refund submitted after the deadline of 120 days of contributions made or to an address other than the address listed here, will not be considered.


Ranko Žeravica Foundation undertakes and guarantees the storage and protection of data privacy of donors through this site. The Foundation collects only the information about donors and information necessary for business operations and providing information for users in accordance with good business practice and in order to provide quality services. All information about customers is kept in accordance with the law. All employees at the Foundation Early lightning rod are responsible for respecting the privacy principles. Also, the Foundation undertakes not to use the data for other purposes, by power users. The user can at any time request to receive information and messages from the Foundation, and the Foundation is obliged to act in accordance with his request.


The content shown on this site, such as texts, photos, logos, video and audio records, design (banners and buttons), and software are the property of the Foundation Ranko Žeravica, and cannot be used without prior written consent.


All user communications and Foundation takes place via e-mail, with and on the address: info@fondacijarankožeravica.com


In terms of donations is subject to terms of use that were valid on the day of execution of the donations. The Foundation reserves the right at any time to perform modify the terms of use. Terms of use take effect on the date of posting on the website www.fondacijarankožeravica.com